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Slam Dunk Entertainment's Project Dunk squad is a team of high-energy performers brought together to entertain audiences around the world with an amazing acrobatic slam dunk show. The team is made up of former elite level gymnasts, tumblers and trampolinists who have performed for NBA audiences at Toronto Raptors home games, North American crowds at local fairs and festivals and internationally in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the annual Eid festivities following Ramadan and Hajj.

Though dressed in standard basketball attire, there is nothing standard about this show. Each event is uniquely developed according to audience requirements. Shows are choreographed to upbeat, energizing music and can include between three to five athletes, one or more trampolines, a mat and a regulation height basketball net. Show times range from a five minute halftime to a forty-five minute interactive demonstration ~ including a 22-minute show buffered by pre- and post-show activities (e.g., warm-up time, balloon animals, crowd interaction). School shows may also include a motivational speaking/ educational component.

The show can be performed in a variety of venues provided an unobstructed, flat, dry paved or covered surface (wood, carpet, tile), approximately 30-feet by 60-feet in size, with a 20-foot clear ceiling height is provided (see a potential stage lay-out)